How do I pay for my health care services?

Seattle Roots Community Health accepts most forms of insurance for medical care, including Medicaid and Medicare. We work with uninsured patients to cover costs based on income. Check our Billing, Insured or Uninsured pages for your particular situation. If you still have questions, call one of our dedicated billing and insurance specialists at (206) 299-1942.

Getting Here

When should I arrive for my appointment?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes in advance, more if you need to find Parking. First time patients should arrive up to 30 minutes early to fill out paperwork.

Do you accept walk-ins?

If you have an emergency in the evenings or on the weekends, please visit our After Hours Clinic, which operates on a walk-in basis only.

While we do see walk-in patients occasionally and at our discretion; our providers are almost always completely booked and scheduled appointments will take priority. If you have an emergency during working hours, please go to your nearest emergency room, walk-in clinic or hospital.

What if I miss my appointment or if I’m late?

We require 24 hours’ notice to reschedule appointments; patients who miss several appointments will need to find another health care clinic. If you are going to be late, we might not be able to accommodate you and you might have to reschedule. Please plan on arriving early!

Medical Care

How do I obtain my medical records?

Ask your Primary Care Provider, who is your point-of-contact medical provider for all of your health-related questions.

I’m on the gender spectrum; will my provider understand my needs?

Seattle Roots Community Health has many specially trained providers who treat non-binary patients, but all of our providers are well-versed in gender and sexual diversity.

I’m uncomfortable about going to a medical provider; will I be judged?

You are wholeheartedly welcome here! Many of our patients have felt excluded from typical medical care, including patients recently out of incarceration, currently using substances or experiencing homelessness. Each one of our providers – in medical, dental and behavioral health – are well-versed and comfortable treating all non-traditional patients.

Dental Care

Can I get dental care if I’m uninsured or on Medicare?

We treat dental patients who are on Medicaid or Medicare, as well as uninsured patients. We will work with you on a payment plan to make sure your teeth and gums get the care they need.


I need an interpreter/I have a disability; can you accommodate me?

Absolutely! Several of our providers speak more than one language (search Our Providers), or we have access to an on-demand interpreter service (including ASL), which we can use for medical, dental or behavioral health appointments. Our buildings and treatment rooms are all ADA accessible.


How do I get my prescriptions refilled?

Please call the pharmacies directly. For Country Doctor, call (206) 299-1618. For Carolyn Downs, call (206) 299-1935. Please allow 48-72 hours to refill your medication. You may need to make an appointment or obtain lab work for your refill(s). Please allow up to 72 hours to refill prescriptions.

Seattle Roots Community Health carries most medications; however, if you need to get your prescription at an outside pharmacy, you will need to contact that pharmacy directly. Your Seattle Roots Community Health provider will send a refill request to the pharmacy on your behalf.

Do you do the Rapid HIV test? How long will it take to get my results?

Yes, we do! You will get your results back in less than 10 minutes.