Specialized Care

From the beginning, Seattle Roots Community Health has had as its mission to treat every patient regardless of insurance or immigration status, lifestyle or background, nationality or gender/sexual expression. We are committed to helping you improve your physical and mental health, no matter what.

We love working with patients who need specialized care, including:

Medicaid (Apple Health) and uninsured patients: you are welcome here!

Substance Use Health and Addiction Medicine Program

At Seattle Roots Community Health, we support you in your goals. We have many services to meet you where you are, including:

  • Safer use strategies for alcohol, opioids, meth, cocaine, and other substances. This is called harm reduction.
  • Medications for opioid use and opioid overdose reversal (Suboxone/buprenorphine, Vivitrol, Narcan/naloxone)
  • Medications for alcohol (naltrexone) and tobacco use (nicotine, bupropion, Chantix)
  • Nurses and community health staff work with you as a team
  • Primary medical and behavior counseling for whole person health

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Nutrition and Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program

Our registered dietitians (RDs) will work with you and your primary care provider to create a nutrition plan that works for your health, your family, and your lifestyle.

  • Nutritional counseling and support for chronic disease like diabetes, cancer, or high blood pressure
  • Nutrition, breastfeeding and food education for pregnant women, mothers, and children under 5 from a dedicated WIC staff
  • Partnership with our naturopathic doctors (NDs)

Naturopathic, Holistic and Integrative Medicine

Our team of naturopathic doctors are trained in both traditional (allopathic) medicine and holistic wellness. The naturopathic care at Country Doctor is in partnership with the Bastyr Center for Natural Health. For established patients only.

The naturopathic team can treat you with:

  • Acupuncture and acupressure
  • Nutrition-based wellness
  • Evidence-based alternative treatments

Gender-Affirming Care

Our mission is to promote health in transgender, non-binary and gender diverse communities through ensuring equal access to gender-affirming medications and procedures, and training staff to be trauma-informed and culturally responsive.

Our goal is to provide high-quality, evidence-based care that is patient-centered. We use an informed consent model to help patients make health care decisions that are safe and meet their goals. Patients along the gender spectrum will find a welcoming, supportive environment at all our clinics. Our staff work hard to address every patient with correct names and pronouns. Gender-neutral bathrooms are available in our clinics.

Our Gender Health Navigator assists patients seeking gender-affirming surgeries and procedures. Our Gender Health Nurse provides injection teaching and assists accessing hormones and other gender-affirming medications. Our Gender Health Clinician supports ongoing training and assistance with our medical provider team. We strive to support each person’s unique pathway and ensure our patients are seen, heard, and cared for in an inclusive manner.

At Country Doctor Community Health Centers, gender-affirming care is integrated into everyday primary care, so that you can get your hormones in the same place you get your wellness exams, cancer screenings, and treatment for acute and chronic health conditions.

Our services for transgender, non-binary and gender diverse patients include:

  • Gender-affirming medications (estrogen, androgen blockers, testosterone, etc.) and injection teaching as needed
  • Hormone therapy for adolescents and specialty referrals for younger patients as needed. We do not provide puberty blockers at this time.
  • Referrals for gender-affirming surgeries (e.g. vaginoplasty, chest reconstruction, etc.) and procedures (e.g. speech therapy, electrolysis)
  • Assistance obtaining mental health letters of support for gender-affirming procedures and referrals for internal or external behavioral health counseling as needed

Coordinated care with our other specialty programs to address sexual health, HIV, substance use disorder, and re-entry after incarceration as needed including sexual health, addiction medicine, reentry, and HIV

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Reentry Program

Supporting individuals reentering our community after recent incarceration from jail or prison with the goal of achieving health, wellness and stability. We offer:


  • Full spectrum medical care including preventative care and management of chronic conditions
  • Referral to specialty programs within our clinic (HIV care, Hepatitis treatment, Addiction Services, Gender health)
  • Light case management to help address some housing needs, transportation, food insecurity, clothing
  • Coordination with community partners specializing in Reentry services including housing, education and employment, legal services and family reunification

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