Uninsured Patients

At Seattle Roots Community Health, our mission is to provide everyone with high-quality medical care, regardless of ability to pay. Don’t hesitate to get the medical care you need; if you are uninsured, we will charge you on a sliding scale, which is based on family size and income.

If you don’t have health insurance or would like to look at additional options, we have dedicated insurance eligibility specialists whose job it is to help you understand your options, regardless of income or immigration status.

You can also find helpful information at these websites: 
King County Public HealthWashington Health Plan Finder



Insurance Eligibility Assistance

Let us help you with:

  • Finding low or no-cost insurance, such as Medicaid (known in Washington as Apple Health)
  • Verifying if you qualify for the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare)
  • Navigating Washington state’s Health Plan Finder website
  • Understanding Seattle Roots Community Health’s sliding fee discount program
  • Other state and federal financial assistance programs

Call Carolyn Downs at (206) 299-1934 or Country Doctor at (206) 299-1927 or (206) 299-1948 to schedule a free appointment. Our eligibility specialists are all certified eligibility navigators. Language interpretation is available for free.

Seattle Roots Community Health wants you to be healthy and safe, and always feel welcomed. Your medical care is our number one priority, regardless of:

✔ country of origin
✔ immigration status
✔ religion
✔ race
✔ sexual orientation
✔ gender identity
✔ ability to pay
✔ language

What to Bring

Once you’ve scheduled your appointment, your eligibility specialist will require several documents in order to know which programs you might quality for.

If you don’t have some of these documents, speak with your specialist. We provide services regardless of your income or immigration status.

  • Income and family size verification
  • A copy of your most recent year’s 1040 IRS filing (your tax return)
  • Birth date and year
  • Social Security numbers for each household member that is using our services
  • Your email address if you have one

Income Verification

Documentation of one month’s total income for your household, including:

Pay stubs from the past 60 days showing gross income (total income before taxes or deductions) for everyone in your household
Award or benefit letter (if receiving income from other sources – such as L&I, child support, unemployment)
Employer letter stating your gross income
Last two unemployment check stubs (if receiving unemployment)
A letter of support or reference from an organization or individual

Identity and resident verification

We don’t require proof of citizenship, but if you do have this information, please bring it with you:

US citizens: Social Security numbers for each family member to be enrolled in insurance
Naturalized citizens: Social Security numbers and naturalization certificates
Lawful Permanent Resident card or green card for each family member to be enrolled in insurance
Work permit, if you have one
A current photo ID if you have one (driver’s license, state ID, or military ID)
Note: If your current address is different from your ID, please bring a utility bill, rental contract or a letter with your name and current address

If you do not have these documents, please speak to an eligibility specialist. We provide services regardless of your income or immigration status.